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Holidays. While I am reorganizing my webplex, and to get started, I will make johntcullen dot org the home of my long-standing holidays fun pages. Other things will follow in due time. See also JohnTCullen dot COM and dot NET for interesting reading. Now click on the gardens below to be transported to my Holidays pages representing the final four months of the year plus the first day of the New Year. There is also a fun Holiday Bookshop with lots of free reading you can enjoy while sipping your egg nogg or brandy (or both).

Author Jean T. Cullen (John T. Cullen, John Argo) started 1996 publishing on the Web

Peace and Contemplation: Alcazar Gardens in San Diego is one of my favorite local spots to relax with sunshine, balmy breezes under gently swaying trees, and contemplate my next writing project. Let's look at some of what I have already written.

Every September, start enjoying the Autumn holidays, followed by Winter, and then New Year's Eve SONDJ

Alcazar Gardens—Balboa Park

San Diego, California, USA


Luxembourg, European Union, United States

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